I mean, I preach that to my students. Danielle Dixson, University of Delaware, Lewes Members of the Clark group say they will soon publicize the alleged data problems on PubPeer, a website for discussion of published work. And they say they thought long and hard about whether to discuss their concerns with a reporter while investigations may be ongoing. “In my experience, whistleblowers, myself as well as others, are shamed for talking to the media before an investigation has concluded misconduct,” says Josefin Sundin of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the last author on the Nature replication paper. “But why is that? If an investigation even takes place, it can drag on for a very long time. If you know that data have been fabricated, why is it considered the right thing to do to stay silent about it for months and even years?” Townsville may be one of the world’s best places to go if you want to become a marine biologist. JCU’s website boasts “a unique tropical learning environment with research stations, state-of-the-art laboratories and the Great Barrier Reef right on our doorstep.” The university is home to the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, where Munday had his lab. For field studies, scientists fly to Lizard Island, a granite rock on the reef that’s legendary among marine biologists, thanks to the Australian Museum’s well-run research station, otherworldly diving, and beach barbecues. (“Man, I miss that island,” Dixson tweeted last year.) Munday’s lab has been one of the engines of JCU’s success. Originally focused on competition in reef fish and their ability to switch sex, Munday shifted his attention to ocean acidification in the late 2000s. Dixson, who arrived at JCU in 2007, embraced the topic. Acidification, which results as rising CO2 levels cause more of the gas to dissolve in the ocean, poses serious threats to ocean life, weakening corals and other organisms with carbonate shells or skeletons. But a 2009 paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) on which Munday and Dixson were the first and second author, respectively, reported another troubling effect . When the pH of the water in fish tanks was lowered from 8.15, the current level in ocean water, to 7.8, the level expected by the end of the 21st century, larvae of the orange clownfish were less attracted by the chemical cues from a healthy reef—but more attracted to cues from grass and a pungent swamp tree whose smell normally repels them. That could cause clownfish to lose their ability to find suitable homes on the reef, the authors concluded. Based on more lab experiments, Munday, Dixson, and other researchers later reported that high CO2 levels mess with fish minds in other ways as well: They become disoriented, hyperactive, and venture farther from shelter, for instance, while their vision and hearing deteriorate. For many of those studies, the scientists measured fish’s preferences by placing them in a flume, an apparatus that forces them to make a choice (see graphic, below). Water from two different sources flows into the flume, side by side, and researchers measure how much time the fish spend in water from either source. Whistleblowers have raised questions about 22 papers, many of them lab studies about the effects of ocean acidification on fish behavior.


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Air Force — to prepare for battle. That is because it is roughly the size of the State of Maryland and there is no air traffic above it. “What that allows is full use of this air space,” Col. Dadgar said. Airmen do check it out everything at the NTTR, from flying in formation to simulating missile and bomb drops. “They are able to now actually go out and do their techniques, their tactics, their procedures to the full extent against an adversary that most best replicates what they might face in combat,” Col. Dadgar said. The NTTR was first established following the Vietnam War. Through studies known as the Red Baron Reports, the U.S. Air Force realized young airmen lacked enough training against realistic rivals. Inside Nellis Air Force Base, Pt. 3: The Aggressor Squadron “The first step was to create that air space and that ground infrastructure to do that,” Col. Dadgar said. One group of aircraft that truly utilizes the Nevada Test and Training Range is the Aggressor Squadron — planes which essentially pretend to be our enemies in the air. “We also have to be experts in enemy hardware, enemy tactics,” said Lt. Col. Jan Stahl, Deputy Commander of the 57th Operations Group, which oversees the Aggressors at Nellis Air Force Base. Aggressors are modified F-16s that emulate the latest threats against the United States. Their capstone event is the Red Flag exercise, which is hosted at the Nevada Test and Training Range.