12h00 GMT | 13h00 WAT | 14h00 SAT | 15h00 EAT ISO 23875 is a new international standard for a consistent approach to designing, testing, operating, and maintaining the air-quality systems of operator enclosures. Adoption of the requirements and test methods outlined in the standard, protect personnel inside operator enclosures. Attend an exclusive overview of ISO 23875, presented by ISO Working Group Lead, Jeff Moredock, to learn about the standard’s five key performance requirements, including: Increased filter efficiency requirements: A filter that meets more stringent evaluation criteria, typically an ISO 15 E or higher efficiency, ISO 35 H HEPA filter, is required in ISO 23875-compliant cabins in mining. Maximum allowable CO2 level: Ambient CO2 plus 400 parts per million Fresh air and recirculation system requirements: Maximum respirable particulate matter concentration of less than 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air at start/end of decay test, with a maximum of 120 seconds delay time. Established cabin pressurisation levels: Operator enclosures must maintain minimum pressurisation of greater than or equal to 20 Pa, even when the HVAC is turned off. Real-time operator cabin monitoring: Monitor must include an audible alarm for CO2 and pressurisation to alert the operator when levels go beyond the permissible threshold. Safety in mining operations is of concern to all involved in owning, developing, managing, and working in mining environments. Routine mining activities can generate airborne particulates that may be hazardous to human health. Therefore, it read here is necessary to develop controls which limit the operator’s exposure to airborne particulate while operating equipment from within the operator enclosure. With the rise in the number of countries regulating air quality in mining, construction, and industrial environments; machine manufacturers and mine owners have become increasingly aware of the need for standard practices in the design and performance of operator enclosures. All operator enclosures, either on new machines or existing machines currently in operation, are expected to provide consistent air quality performance. The technical aspects of an operator enclosure are universal as are the design and performance testing methods and this new standard addresses the needs of fixed and mobile operator enclosures. The NEW ISO 23875 standard will place a greater emphasis on the air quality inside the cabin than previously addressed. It differs from past standards because it is a lifecycle standard, addressing cabin air-control systems from the time of design, to when equipment arrives on site and throughout its operating life. ISO 23875 outlines specific engineering and ongoing testing to ensure compliance. This means designers and operators will need to consider aspects of control of airborne contaminants such as dust but also address the effects of CO2 (a product of human respiration) dilution in the cabin environment. This will allow for operator enclosures to perform at a level that provides sustained air quality, reducing concentrations of respirable particulate matter and carbon dioxide (CO2) that are harmful to human health. The design specifications are universal in their application and do not contemplate specific mining environments. This Workshop will provide you with the requirements, best practices, and information to achieve sustained quality in the design, manufacture, performance testing, use, and maintenance of the operator enclosure air-quality control system. Control of airborne particulate and dilution of CO2 within the operator enclosure are addressed. Recommendations are made for operational integration of the air-quality control system.


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Now, american says all of its planes will be flying again by the end of the month. No easy task. In many ways, we touch the aircraft actually have more maintenance requirements on the aircraft that has been in stories or is in storage than we do with the aircraft is out actively flying. Roger Steels team of mechanics are spending 1000 hours to revive just one plane here. Part of their work includes federally mandated inspections of the Boeing 7 37. It is the world's most popular airliner american alone parked 300 of them because of the pandemic. The FAA said the plane sitting idle could cause a critical valve to fail, risking catastrophic dual engine power loss in flight, all of the things that could have been negatively impacted by the fact that it was parked have been identified, They've been addressed and they've been resolved and so I can assure you 110 that these aircraft are safe And they're ready to fly. Planes have been stored exclusively outside for months on end. And Cruz came out here about every 10 days to check things like the engine, uncover them and fire them up. Also check the landing gear, the tires and the brakes. The crucial parts inside there. About 100 planes were stored out here at the peak of the pandemic, but now there are only a few left. The latest data shows airline travel closing in on a recovery. Industry groups say flights are now 75 full, up from 60 just last month. New demand means the industry is bouncing back sooner than expected. The newest jump in numbers means the Transportation Security administration needs more help screening passengers.